Custom Firearm Cerakoting

*NOTICE: We are not a licensed FFL so we are not legally allowed to Cerakote a lower of any kind. We will be obtaining an FFL in the future to correct this issue. All pictures of these type parts are of our own firearms which is perfectly legal for us to do. We can Cerakote parts though such as stocks, slides, hand guards and various parts.

Found a pic on the net of something you would like done on yours? Great! Use the form on this page to send us that pic and we will discuss the terms and pricing. Have an Idea of what you want done? Great! Use the form for the same purpose. Not sure what you want? No worries, we’re pretty creative. Again use the form to reach out to us. Want something subtle? We also do color Fill of factory engravings.

Cerakote is available in an array of color options. Follow this link to view those color options… CLICK or TAP HERE, write down the names of the colors you want to use and enter the color names in the Comments section in the form below.

We look forward to enhancing the look of your firearms.

Freedom has a nice ring to it, and a little bit of recoil.