All of our stencils are made with Avery Dennison High Temp Vinyl and cut in house by us. The vinyl material is flexible, self adhesive and designed for high heat applications but are fine to use with air dry applications also. These stencils do well with Cerakote, Duracoat and Krylon applications. These are the same stencils we use when Ceracoating Firearms, Tumblers and more for our own customers.

This particular stencil is 3"X2" but can be cut in numerous sizes up to 11.5" at it widest point X 23.5" at longest point. If you require a custom size, please email us for a quote.

This stencil can be made as a positive/male or negative/female image.  A positive/male stencil means that all of the black area of the image is the mask. A negative/female stencil means that all of the black area is void of mask. See secondary photo examples for clarity. Please select from the drop down menu which stencil is best for you.

*Due to the complexity of this design, this stencil will come weeded with transfer tape applied.

Unless otherwise noted, Stencils come unweeded which means that the end user will have to do the weeding themselves. This allows for a cheaper purchase price.

Stencils are one time use only.

Stencils are best applied to smooth surfaces to allow for proper adhesion and end result.

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Confederate Flag3

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